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The Vault is a teen center
in the heart of Central Illinois
with a mission to help teens
recognize their value,
realize their potential,
and reach their goals. 


With a facility of over 10,000 sq. feet, we offer a fun and safe
environment where teens can hang out with friends,

build relationships with adult mentors,
participate in programs and classes to enrich their futures,
take part in community service projects,
and learn business and leadership skills through our student-run café
and student leadership teams. 

This generation of teenagers (Gen Z) has been dubbed by many as “Generation Isolation.”  The US Surgeon General has even declared a “National Loneliness Epidemic” due to social isolation and lack of meaningful face-to-face connections.  


A study from the University of Michigan discovered that 2/3 of teens are now avoiding real-life interactions with their friends, and a 2021 CDC report noted that nearly 60% of girls and 30% of boys feel persistently sad or hopeless.  According to the CDC, suicide is now the second leading cause of death for ages 10-14. 


These alarming statistics make our mission even more vital!  The Vault provides a place for an average of 200 teens per week to socialize with friends, receive encouragement and support, learn life skills, and develop meaningful face-to-face relationships.


To foster each

teen's sense of value and

purpose by providing healthy

ways to socialize with friends, offering programs that teach

life and employment skills, emphasizing personal 

responsibility and spiritual development,

and focusing on

giving back to the

community through 

community service.




To provide a

fun and positive

environment for

social, academic,

and spiritual growth where

teens can be encouraged to reach their full potential

through a variety

of opportunities

and services.

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