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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Vault?

The Vault is a 501c-3 non-profit teen center committed to serving youth ages 6th grade - 12th grade (through age 19) in DeWitt County and surrounding areas. 

How can students sign up?

Students and parents/guardians must complete a registration form and turn it in to The Vault. Forms can be turned in prior to or upon their first visit.

Once the form is processed, students are welcome to attend any of our free programs.

(If an incomplete registration form is turned in at their first visit, students will be allowed to stay that day but MUST return the completed form at their next visit in order to continue attending

Student registration forms can be found HERE.

What does The Vault offer?

The Vault offers a variety of free opportunities and services for
junior high and high school students:
Recreational Activities
Teen Hangouts and Events
Tutoring and Homework Help
Golden Gears Café Business Leadership Program
Enrichment Activities via our After Hours Program
Mental Health and Crisis Resources/Referrals
Free Snacks & Food and Drinks for Purchase
Student Access to our Benevolence Fund
Student Ambassador Program
Summer Career Camps
Emotional Support Dog
Off-Site Excursions
Community Service Opportunities
Community Events and Concerts

Is there a cost to attend The Vault?

Thanks to our generous donors and commUNITY, all of our programs are FREE* to Jr. High and High School students!

The only potential cost for students is if they chose to purchase snacks or drinks from our student-run Golden Gears Café.

*Our summer career camps require a refundable deposit, and there may be a small cost to some off-site excursions.

When are you open?

Junior High Program Hours





High School Program Hours



Business Office Hours

Monday    3:00-5:30pm Hangout

                   5:30-6:30pm After Hours

Tuesday     3:00-5:30pm Hangout 

                    5:30-6:30pm After Hours

Thursday    5-8pm Event


Tuesday     3:00-5:30pm Hangout 

                   5:30-6:30pm After Hours

Friday        7:30-10:30pm Event


Monday         11:00am-7:00pm 

Tuesday         11:00am-7:00pm 

Wednesday   9:30am-5:30pm 

Thursday        1pm-9pm                   

Friday            3pm-11pm                   

* Office hours may vary

Is The Vault open to students who live outside of DeWitt County?

Yes!  Any student outside of DeWitt County is welcome once a registration form has been submitted. 

Is transportation provided?

Transportation is offered on Mondays and Tuesdays from Clinton Junior High School to The Vault. 

More information can be found HERE.

How does the Check-In/Checkout process work?

Students must check in at the front desk through our electronic check-in system. 


While we encourage students to stay for the entire event, some students may want or need to leave early. Once a student has checked out, they are not allowed to check back in.


The checkout process does not begin until 15 minutes after the event has begun. Students must also check out at the front desk through our electronic system.  


(Note: The Vault is not responsible for students once they check out of the facility. The decision to check out before the event has ended is between the student and the parent/guardian.)

What if a student misses school on a Vault Day?

A student who is not in school because of sickness or suspension is not allowed to participate in that day’s activities at The Vault.  Once the student returns to school, they can begin attending The Vault again.

Are there food and drinks at The Vault?

Yes! Our Golden Gears Café offers a variety of low-cost food, desserts, and drinks.
And, thanks to our donors, we have a supply of free snacks as well!


No outside food or drinks are permitted.

What about adult supervision?

Our students’ safety is our top priority! As such, The Vault is staffed with trained and caring mentors who dedicate their time to make sure students have

a safe and enjoyable experience!

Are students required to wear a mask?

The Vault follows local CUSD-15 school policy.

As of February 2022, the school-wide policy states that masks are optional. 

When can 6th graders start coming to The Vault?

Upcoming 6th graders can start coming in the fall of their 6th grade year.

Registration forms are available online HERE or at The Vault.

Check out our social media for more information!

The Vault is such a cool facility!
Can I host my upcoming event at The Vault? 

Yes! We have over 10,000 sq. ft. of built-in entertainment  available for rent!

Check out our "Rent The Vault" page HERE.

 I love your mission!
How can I partner with The Vault?

 - Administration

- Cleaning

- Maintenance 

- Fundraising 

How do I reach The Vault?

You can reach us by email, phone, or social media messaging.

Check out our Contact page HERE for more information.

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